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quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

737 Pilot In Command-Para FS 2004/FSX

737 Pilot In Command is a flight simulation where enthusiasts are queuing up to take their places in the Captain's seat of the world's favourite airliner! The 737 has been plying the airways of the globe for nearly thirty years and now it's been re-created by the teams at feelThere and Wilco for Flight Simulator 2004. The -300, -400 and -500 versions of the 737 have been expertly modelled inside and out with a choice of over 70 airline liveries. The beauty is more than skin deep – 737 Pilot In Command has advanced avionics and a highly accurate flight model. Other features include working weather radar and a printed manual that comes with a bespoke tutorial from the acclaimed trainer Captain Mike Ray.


* Includes the -300 -400 and -500 versions
* Fully functional weather radar, showing cloud density, rains and storms. You can now safely fly around dangerous weather conditions
* High-quality Gmax exterior and interior models
* Detailed Virtual Cockpit, 3D cockpit and passenger cabin
* Printed manual that includes speed charts, checklists and a unique step-by-step tutorial flight and procedures guide, written by Captain Mike Ray, United Airlines pilot
* Paint Kit texture templates (PhotoShop format) to enable you to create your own liveries using a suitable graphics program
* High-resolution 32-bit reflective textures, dynamic shine and night lighting
* Optimised loading options available to be as frame-rate friendly as possible
* Digitised custom sound set recorded from the real aircraft, supplying a very realistic audio experience that include engines, APU operation, air conditioning and passenger signs
* Realistic flight dynamics based on manufacturer specifications and tested by real pilots
* Realistic animations - primary flight surfaces, hydraulic gear suspension, flaps, roll spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, cargo and passenger doors
* Very realistic autopilot operation - all the real aircraft autopilot operations are simulated
* An advanced FMS (Flight Management System) included
* Simulated systems - IRS (Inertial Reference System), flight controls, fuel systems, electrical (battery, APU plus more), anti-ice, hydraulics, pressurisation, air conditioning, lights and more!
* Photorealistic 2D instruments, including multiple views, overhead panel, centre pedestal and more
* Interactive Virtual Cockpit - as the real aircraft
* Animated screens in the passenger cabin
* Co-pilot speed call-outs on take-off

Panel features

* Inertial Reference System (IRS) - fully working Navigational System
* Complete Traffic and Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS) simulation with audiovisual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
* Fully simulated autoland system
* Mouse hotspots on the panel to access multiple 2D panels
* Graphic panel resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels!
* Overhead panel - major systems simulated
* Vector graphics displays (GDI+ technology) for nicer, smoother graphics
* Very accurate AutoPilot control panel simulating ALL the 737 features
* Realistic FMS: Main features including SIDs & STARs and all the bells and whistles you would expect from a Pilot in Command product
* FMC Database - standard feelThere database
* Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
* Pop-up instrument (PFD, ED etc.) screens for multi-monitor displays
* Numerous warnings and caution messages
* Battery and generator switches fully operative with corresponding actions
* APU start-up/shutdown sequences fully simulated, for a complete cold and dark cockpit
* Fully working and complete thrust management simulation
* Compatible with GoFlight modules and TrackIR Deluxe

NEW features for FSX

* Fully compatible with FSX airport animations including fuel truck, jetway, baggage truck, pushback truck.
* In-flight passenger information screens that show multiple pages of information, fed directly from the cockpit instruments. The information covers flight time, winds, speeds, height and temperature.
* During the take off roll the co-pilot now makes call-outs "thrust set", "80 knots, throttle hold".

56 international airlines featured with 73 detailed liveries


* Aerosvit
* Air China
* Air France
* Air One
* America West
* BMI baby
* British Airways
* Boeing house livery
* Bulgaria Air
* Cayman Airways
* Continental Airlines
* Delta Airlines
* Easyjet
* Europe Airpost
* Fischer
* Garuda Indonesia
* Hola Airlines
* Hooters
* Iberia
* Jet2
* Lufthansa
* Malev
* Norwegian Roald
* Norwegian Sonia
* Sabena
* Sky Europe
* Southwest Airlines Spirit
* Transaero
* Tunisaur
* United Airlines
* US Airways
* Varig
* Virgin Express


* Aeroflot
* Alaska (Walt Disney 50th Anniversary)
* British Airways
* Boeing house livery
* Corsair
* Garuda Indonesia
* Malaysia
* Malev
* Olympic Airways
* Olympic Airways (Vergina)
* Olympic Airways (White)
* Thai
* Turkish Airlines
* Ukraine International
* Virgin Express


* Aer Lingus
* Air France
* Air Baltic
* Air Baltic (Blue)
* Air Baltic (Green)
* Air Baltic (Orange)
* Air Baltic (Red)
* BMI baby
* BMI British Midland
* Boeing house livery
* Continental Airlines
* Estonian
* LOT - Polish Airlines
* Lufthansa
* Malev
* S7 Siberian Airlines
* Sky Europe
* Smart Wings
* Southwest Airlines Spirit
* Tunisaur
* United Airlines

System Requirements

* Requires Microsoft FSX or FS2004 to play
* Windows XP/vista
* 2.5GHz Processor
* 512 MB RAM
* 1 GB Hard Disk Space
* DVD-ROM Drive
* 128 MB compatible Video Card